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Promised pics…

Christmas pics first…

I made the light ball…

Our visit to the snow up next…

perfect features..

our crazy friend who could have killed himself at this height (Pic is misleading) all to fix a light…

My old man thinking he is a kid again back in MN. He caught some fierce air, don’t ya think?

If you are weak at heart, skip the next pic. I am weird, that is why I add this touch of my personality to my blog. I found this next tidbit in the snow very interesting…don’t you? I had never seen this occurrence before so I had to capture it, in all it’s glory…

Moving right along..

Next up…boat pics of the “Dutch Treat” donated to the LLF. It went up on auction today…can’t wait to hear what it went for!

Notice how enthusiastic McKenna is above…

That one is just because she is adorable!

Post-Christmas with my sister and mom!

Early December with friends, Matt and Maddy and Tricia, Joe and Bella…

McKenna and BFF, Bella

Last but not least are some pics from Heather Spohr’s baby shower

and the beautiful table decorations…

Whew, that was alot of work…hope you enjoy these…be back soon! You can always look at my flickr link for more pics

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Feeling Crummy

Yup, still working on those pics…but wanted to come here and complain about being sick. Being a fortunate asthmatic, EVERY illness I get, goes straight to the lungs. I can feel it crawl down my throat and settle in like a long winter’s nap. What ensues for the next 2 weeks, on average, is a deep, barking “seal like” cough that burns to no end and is accompanied by a moderate case of phlegm, which typically is difficult to dispel. Usually sounds pretty gross too. It sucks, to say the least. My asthma worsens, sleep is difficult, and I sometimes think…someday my lungs might fail me. I might be the old lady who gets pneumonia and never makes it through the winter, if how my lungs handle the average virus is any indication. Hopefully, someday Asthma will be cured, in the meantime, I am sorry for everyone who must listen to me! Hopefully, nobody else will get sick, namely miss McKenna since she is still on antibiotics for an ear infection that all started back on Dec. 12. Please….

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Free Afternoon

I am getting off early today to watch miss mck so that hubby can go to his ortho appointment. Today they will be doing some xrays and measurements to see how much progress he has made! His teeth are looking great and it has only been 10 months, not even half way through the expected treatment time. So, I have been contemplating how I will use my afternoon. The house is a disaster and really should be cleaned. It is doubtful that McKenna will let me clean, so maybe we will go to the park and enjoy our time together! Mark made a slow-cooked roast last night, so dinner will be easy to whip together. Good thing, since it seems I might be getting a cold. My throat is sore and my asthma is worse, which are usually indicators to me. Mark will be exhausted, as he stayed up all night working night before last so we probably won’t get our pics up for another day or so…just being away from work will be a nice free afternoon, no matter what we end up doing!

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Odds and Ends

I have many posts sort of written in my head, of course, they have accompanying pictures which are sitting in my camera, waiting to be loaded on the computer. So far, I have done really well at hauling the camera around to get all the shots I need, so I can blog, yet when it comes to the following through, I am falling short, very short, especially being 5’1″, HAHA! I could give many excuses, but alas, none of them really matter when my blog is so behind. Even my friends who have less help with their (numerous) kids, are on the ball more than I. All I can say is I am working on it. Let’s see if I can just touch on a few things….Christmas was awesome, it was quiet and messy and enjoyable! New Year’s we went over to our friend, Hector’s house to spend it with his family and 3 little boys, ages 5,3,2. I attended graduate school with Hector and we have remained good friends ever since. His wife is awesome, and puts up with my foul comments that I interject and throw in Hector’s face when he attempts to exert his verbal “ego”, err, I mean prowess. We had yummy pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw and Mark made his family favorite, Cookie Salad, sans mandarin oranges (they just don’t belong), in my fine opinion! It was a wonderful time, we have been going to Hector’s for New Year’s Eve the past 3 of 4 years. It is a great time to catch up and have the kids play. McKenna thought it would be really cool to give the boys one of her yummy tongue kisses, and proceeded to chase them around the house, as they did NOT want a yummy tongue kiss. Of course, even at 16 months, this just spurred her on, following after them with her tongue wagging. I had visions of her tripping and biting it off…one day boys, you will be sad you missed out on this fine opportunity…Alas, we had a few drinks and listened to Hector attempt to secure a sound dowry for the marriage of McKenna and any one of his fine sons. Mark, Hector and McKenna thought it would only be fitting to ring in the New Year while playing the drums, and she was smiling ear to ear! I.AM.DOOMED! She was able to hold the sticks and make decent noise, which pleased her pops to no end. (Insert picture here, oh wait, that one is on my phone).

Mark and I took the week of New Year’s off to get some family time in and projects accomplished. We did this while McKenna insisted on getting another virus and subsequent ear infection. We started round two of antibiotics and she was on the mend while we went through the garage and attempted to de-clutter. Yes, de-clutter I said…what that really means is the adults get to get rid of their own treasures to accomodate the barage of presents, clothes, and baby items that have now littered our house from said child. We want to save these items for the next baby, let us just hope it is another girl! Speaking of which, this New Year brings the new prospect of trying  for baby #2, but not until August. We have it timed so hopefully my mom will be off from teaching and can help us. I have some time to try something I used to do in the distant past, exercise! I need to get some weight off before we do this again, to lower my risk of the gestational diabetes, and so it begins. We plan on getting a treadmill in the near future to help procure self preservation, in the form of the HATED E word. It needs to happen. So back to our vacay…garage is better, we got in some park time and rest and took baby girl to the snow for the 1st time…to my MN friends, I am sure they are giggling, or not…becuase they have been inundated with so much snow, the thought of their kids having never seen it is, well just, unlikely. Our friends invited us up to their family cabin between Shaver and Huntington Lakes. It was beautiful, about an 80 minute drive. We broke out all of our lately unused snowboarding wear and donned it as if we knew what we were doing…at least we looked good! Let’s just say I lasted about 15 minutes becuase McKenna lasted about 10. Good thing she lives in the valley in Cali, cuz that girl “ain’t feeling it”. Her snow loving daddy, stayed out for hours building snow ball fighting forts with the boys 7 and 9, which gave our friends a break and reminded me why I hate going to non-baby proofed houses! Mark broke a serious sweat out there and had a great time reminescing about his MN tundra roots. BLEH! No offense peeps, I just am Not the one! It was great to hang out with our friends in an alternate setting than Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant.

On another note, I know I have talked about donating my boat, I have pictures to share, on my camera! Maybe the next post will be ALL pics and you can reference this post to see the words! It is an old, tired boat…but goes fast and brought me much pride and fun while I had it those 6 years. It had become a low priority and fell into disrepair and became a cumbersome fixture on the back patio which could be used for better things, like McKenna riding on her most awesome weinermobile, she got for Christmas! She loves it but do you know how hard it is to push a long weiner through a hallway!??!! Yeah, you get the visual…it needs a backup noise! Our hope is we can move it out back in the spring. All in all, it was a good decision to donate the boat, just tugs on my heartstrings a bit, becuase my kids won’t get to experience the boating life that many of my childhood memories are wrapped around. I remind myself, my history doesn’t have to be my children’s and we will have different experiences and fond memories. It is for the best!

Lastly, I attended a very special lady’s baby shower yesterday in Los Angeles. Heather Spohr looked beautiful, radiant and entirely comfortable in her Very pregnant body! She makes pregnancy look awesome…it was a lovely sunny day, with beautiful decorations, tasty food and most importantly, many of her friends, including bloggers who attended to share in her joy! It was wonderful to see her revelling in the impending birth of her daughter with all she has been through this past year. I don’t think I would be far off the mark to say that Maddie was on the minds of everyone present, and by looking at several of her gifts, she will continue to play an ever present role in the life of binky! It was a wonderful day, did I mention my awesome husband entertained lil miss at various parks in town and sat in the car while she napped, so I could have big girl time!?! I am a lucky lady! I love you, Mark!

One more tidbit…I finally decided I could take on the challenge of starting allergy shots, you know where you take them for several years. My hope was that I could get off some of these asthma inhalers and limit any long term side effects. My Primary Care Physician referred me out and I met with Dr. A. Clearly he is an arrogant man who is NOT interested in working with his patients on a viable treatment plan…Do they not understand that their A) business is contingent on patient’s returning for ongoing care and B) must be willing to take the medication they are prescribing? He really didn’t seem to care that I am still breastfeeding, well pumping really, but that doesn’t change this issue… I asked if I could return to what worked for me in the past…Flovent and Serevent…I was willing to use the Flonase in my nose (reluctantly). He said “No, I want you to use this”. Mind you, this is all in an effort to get me “stable” enough to do the damn allergy testing to get to the point of starting shots. After checking with the pediatrician and getting his blessing, I started this Symbicort crap….hesitant that I would have the same issues as I did with Advair…THRUSH…in my throat, white, furry crap! Exciting, when you can pass it to your husband. But I gave it a shot…within 3 weeks, here we are, with thrush. So, I called the office..explained the situation to the “NURSE” who after going over my concerns said “ok, so you have THRUST” no that isn’t a was all I could do to not go sarcastic on her ass and say “Thrust, why don’t I thrust something into you”? instead I said “did you say thrust, I have THRUSH, do you know what that is”? She then said she would call back after speaking to the Dr. Awhile later, a different nurse returned my call..a different NURSE, mind you..and just starts rambling about something she was calling in and that Dr. said I need to “keep taking the Symbicort” while I also take an internal antifungal pill for 10 days…Why in the hell would I keep taking a medication that is giving a problem like Thrush which requires I take another med, an antifungal to combat it?!?! especially when I AM TELLING YOU THAT THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE THAT WORKS FOR ME?!? She wouldn’t even acknowledge my concerns and told me to make an appointment. WTF?! What I also know from going down this path is that it is better to use a mouth swish for fungus than an internal pill, it is harder on your system. Wonder if he considered that I am breastfeeding, not even on his radar…and truly, the fungus isn’t super bad, I can tell when it starts in the early stages and can eat yogurt and stop the inhaler and said FUNGUS dissipates on its own, which is what I did. He is SOOO fired…and my dreams of allergy shots, at this point are dreams. I will take it as a sign that this is not the right time. Clearly, having a long term relationship with this Dr. for shots is not going to happen! I can’t even get to the testing part! Thank God for my PCP, at least he will listens and prescribe what works…I have a feeling Dr. A is getting some kinda kick back for prescribing Symbicort, never mind patient care and what works for them! Onward and upward loves! Afterall, it is a New Year!


P.S. I promise to come back to this here, blog…soon…with pics!

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Visit with Santa…and other bits

"Really, I am done"!

“Terror in Wonderland”

Christmas eve has found us, as I sit at work waiting for an impending walk in to decide that TODAY, Christmas eve, is the day to be in a mental health crisis and need an assessment…will I be ready to give all that I need to give to this person in crisis, on Christmas eve? Yes. Yes, because I have gifts to wrap, stockings to fill, cooking to complete, a church service to find for tonight, a husband who got 2 hours of sleep last night because he stayed up working so we can do family things lately? No, none of these reasons are why I still have the strength to listen to another person whose life has fallen apart either from drugs, this economy, a lost loved one or chronic mental illness. I am able to rise to the occasion because of all of MY blessings, that continual remind me of how fortunate I am during this season of my life. I have health, a good family, a loving, wise, patient, UBER talented artist husband..see here… and a beautiful little girl who is the apple of my eye! I also have met some of the most fantastic people  this year, in the most unsuspecting way…through blogging and playdates and my desire to reach outside of my box to find new friends and a larger purpose in my life…WOW did I get that…and perspective. I have met some awesome friends, who even through their grief, matt, sarah, heather, and andrea, have extended love and friendship to me. I have been enriched and driven to find numerous ways to give back and support my new friends and their efforts to better the lives of others. Recently, I decided to donate my coveted jet ski boat to in which 70% of the sale of my boat will go directly to this foundation It would have been great to sell it and get something back for my efforts I have put into that fast, adrenaline-pumping joy that was my post-graduate school gift to myself all those years ago, but alas, the efforts to sell it are more than we are prepared for and little ms. McKenna needs that area to play come spring. The only acceptable alternative in my mind, was to donate it with the profits going to a cause near and dear to me. So as of next week, it will be hauled away with all the planned day trips and memories that would have been for our family taken along with it…I will make sure to get a pick of McK in it though before then. So anyone considering donating a car, boat or RV should check out this site, since you can have your donation go to any charity you want and the LLF is listed now! What’s even better is the tax write off once your vehicle sells! On a different note, it is amazing how good it feels to completely give something away, I have felt this way before but on a different level. Never knowing recipients of the giving gesture. Now that I know people directly benefitted, it is really good for my soul. I made some barrettes recently for a friend’s little girl..   just because it is something I know how to do and hoped it would bring a smile to her face during this trying time for her…what I didn’t expect was how much love and happiness it would bring inside of me to hear how much she appreciated them…such a small gesture and so much good out of it..the true meaning of the season! So with that…please have a wonderful holiday with your families and enjoy this hilarious picture of my kid with santa! Before finding her way to his lap, she was smiling and happy when he waved at her…(sorry the pics are at the top. I don’t know how to put them down here and I don’t have the hubs around for help) Blogging newbie….enjoy!

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Thanks Giving…

Thanksgiving came and went fast this year. We barely put out a decoration. It was intimate, just Mark, McKenna, my mom and I and oodles of poodles between us! It was so low key we didn’t even cook, which was a first for all of us…and I may never cook again! Boston Market was the ticket, and not only was the clean up better, the food was too! We spent the day hanging out, resting, and took baby to her favorite “par, par”! which is “Park, Park”. We even got some gorgeous shots.

Funny thing about these blogs, I find myself almost irritated when the rest of you don’t post regularly, as I am curious about any updates, and yet I seriously lag about updating mine, maybe it’s because I don’t feel confident about this process for me or how to navigate this thing, it is still all so new to me. Oh funny story, Mark slep til 1045 am on Thanksgiving, so it was my mom and I who took it upon ourselves to “babysit”, uhhmm, “Parent” my child that morning. I swear it was only 1 minute she was out of our sight and I hear her drop the toilet lid and scream. Of course, I run in there and her little finger is stuck, so I pull it out…no need to look in the toilet.  Well, that was not to my advantage, as Mr. Rose later went in there to use it and found a little presento in the toilet…

…he says “Jeffra, there is something in the toilet that is disconcerting to me” What the “eff” does that mean…”you need to go look”, HAHAHA, “oh that, how did that get in there”? You would have thought I left her in there for an hour, unattended, which seems to be Mr. Rose’s concern whenever I “watch” said child. Why does this always happen on my watch, yo! She had apparently thrown a spoon, paper plate and bowl in the toilet, on top of what was NOT lemonade, who’s lemonade it was, I will never tell! So, he took a picture of it, evidence, I suppose to show my awesome parenting style…flush the toilet a few times kid, and you got the dishes DONE! sweet! kidding..but back to the title of my post…with all of the loss this year for those who are my blog friends and those who I am fortunate to spend time with IRL I am reminded that life is short and ever so precious and through their losses I have been able to appreciate much more fully my blessings and happiness that those I love MOST are relatively healthy and still here on earth to love me in return! These are the gifts that these friends give me, daily…I only wish I could somehow gift them with the return of their loved ones. It is precarious sometimes, feeling uncomfortable that I have a husband and a healthy child in the face of those I care about so much who no longer have part of their family. I wonder what they think and if they are irritated by our different life courses…All I can do is continue to love them all, they have become integral parts of my day and life, in such a short time, I might add, and hope that they see how much I hurt for them and hope that through our friendship, a small bit of the load is lightened, that is my Thanks Giving, I give to them in return…it just isn’t enough I’m afraid…

This reminds me daily of the next holiday I’m looking forward to. . .

Merry Christmas 2009!

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LLF Gala Awesomeness…

So last I was here, we were getting ready to head to MN for the liz logelin foundation walk and gala events. They were both all I expected them to be, Awesome! The walk was fun, I have to say I only walked part of it and then came back to socialize, and win a raffle prize…but the people who were there, cream of the crop. I was elated to meet Lauren, Emily, Melissa, Darcie, Nancy and so many others…super neat people, I only wish we lived closer! Much money was raised and to top it off, the humidity didn’t kill me, an extra plus.

The Gala, now that was a night to remember, for a LONG time! Top notch, that Logelin, he knows how to throw a party and a classy one at that, WHO KNEW!?! From the highly organized auction items to the linens, cakes and flowers, it felt like a prom, if only Matt’s date had been there. It was bittersweet knowing Liz and Matt had been married only 4 years ago at that very location, in a room similar to the one we were in. She would be so honored. The buzz and mood in the room was palpable. Everyone wanted to do what they could do support this foundation. Money was raised that was unbelievable, especially considering our economic crisis in America. Can I just say, I have never felt so good spending that much money, oh yeah…and to walk away with a weeniemobile was icing on the cake, at least for my husband…it went something like this..

Let me set the scene for you…I was outside on the patio with screaming, angry, sweaty baby wanting to show her new half-ass walking ability…Mark was inside engaging in the “live auction” part of the evening…prior to taking my turn outside he said..”I’m just going to have some fun trying it out, you know, raise my number to increase the bid”

So, I am outside hearing something that sounded like “homminahomminahommina” SOLD….to Mark in California for $450.00….knowing my husband was the only Mark from California there, I shot my head up and twisted my neck around to find him in the crowd…WTF, I thought he was gonna just raise the bid not MAKE THE BID…he has always been slow to respond and probably didn’t realize he lifted his number a “little too late”. So I go in search of him, half mad, half not…it’s for a good cause right? But a $45o.00 weeniemobile, for our DAUGHTER, really?? Well, Maddy has one, so I guess we cool. She will either be the coolest girl in the neighboorhood “check out my weenie” or hated by all the vegetarians in the neighborhood who are disgusted with us and in turn, our sweet child. When I finally ran into my husband he had a look on his face I will NEVER forget…a totally forced, fake, open-mouthed smile like “I got it can you believe it” along with “shit, I totally didn’t mean to do that and are you pissed”? He won’t admit it but I know he was surprised by my response when all I said is “cool, how we gettin it home”? Of course it was the one thing Matt shipped to MN thinking someone there would end up with the delishes dog, but alas, Matt will have to ship it back to Cali. That’s the least he could do since we took that giant piece of plastic off his hands for $450.00 I still can’t believe it..can we consider it McKenna’s Christmas gift…who pays that? All I can say is she better love that weenie and ride the hell out of it.

The biggest highlight of the night was seeing Mark’s painting getting auctioned off…it went for $2100 to a family member of Liz’s. They plan on passing it around the family to enjoy. What an honor to have others love his hard work as much as we do…the print of the painting went for $260 to Matt’s mom, Sara. We love her! It was fun to watch my husband beam! The barrettes I made were won by a sweet pregnant woman, recently widowed who is due to have her daughter any day. Weird thing is, I read her blog and it wasn’t until I was home and caught up with my reading that I learned she was not only at the auction but got my barrettes! I was so elated…I had hoped they would go to someone special! I can’t think of anyone better. Needless to say this event was heart-warming through and through and it ranks as one of the top experiences of my lifetime!

The remainder of our trip we spent visiting Mark’s family, traveling to the Nelson Cheese Factory in Wisconsin, eating at BW3’s and visiting my father n law’s gravesite. Mark painstakingly designed the headstone for his parents and it was awesome to see it in person! What a touching artisitic legacy…so nice to see it when it wasn’t snowing. All in all, we had a whirlwind trip full of fun and feeling…wouldn’t want it any other way!

Cheers to the next trip!

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Upcoming events…

I am excited to say that my family will be one of the many supporting Matt and Maddy this weekend at the Liz Logelin Foundation events that are scheduled. Can I say it again, EXCITED! Not only because I get to go somewhere, or take a much needed vacay from my ever stressful, never enough staff or resources, county job that is Crisis Mental Health…but also because it is for Matt and Maddy and for LIZ and all the other families who have had what I think is the most unsurmountable loss I can think of for a spouse and parent, the loss of “their other”. Not only will we be hanging with our good friends, but my husband is from MN, as well. We will extend our stay and visit family and see landmarks that this Cali girl is not much interested in when we are there in the winter. My awesome cousin will be at our house to “keep an eye on things” which makes me feel good knowing our house is being cared for, I’m a little paranoid, my MN husband has slowly made me this way.

We will not only attend these events, but have pulled together our crafty skills to give what I think are some pretty awesome donations. I made some adorable barrettes with crystals on them and my sister made a gorgeous necklace/earrings set.

But the real reason I am excited is the painting that my husband completed as a donation for the event…it has been kept under wraps, so hopefully I won’t blow it by mentioning this prematurely…but really, nobody reads my crap so, really I feel safe at this point. And to justify my eagerness, Matt never said I couldn’t mention anything. IT IS AWESOME!! It is a robot painting, of course. The big, infamous, red robot is Matt, and he is large and walking through the tall builidings in NY, with spotlights flashing on him and then there is the smaller, pink robot with the big blue eyes, riding on his shoulder…that’s all I should say…There are so many other “special” details about this painting, that are specific to references Matt has made in his blog…this is truly a GIFT of love.. My sweet husband, has worked tirelessly on this painting, on top of his full time job working remotely from home, while caring for our daughter…Can you get a better husband than that? This gal doesn’t think so…and he donated a motorcycle print he did too. What a relief to get it all off in the mail yesterday and out of our hair for the auction on Sunday. TOO awesome…We just had to be there, to see how much it garners for the foundation. I will be beaming with pride and satisfaction when I watch the happiness on my husband’s face. And really, isn’t that was this is all about…Love, family, supporting our loved ones, remembering those we have lost but that continue to mean so much to us…and GIVING of ourselves and our talents to help others. So inspiring…what a gift Matt has given us! I.Can’t.Wait! Now, we just need to get McKenna through the flight!!! Can’t wait to report on how this all goes!


P.S. Don’t forget to walk and check out the online auction!

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Real Birthday #1

September 5, one year ago. Although this is published late, it is an account of where I was in my mind on this day. All day today, and yesterday really, becuase that is really when it all started. September 4, my water broke, in bed, after sleeping what would be my last LONG slumber…12 hours. It was FANTASTIC…I miss sleeping like that. Hell, I would take 5 hours, if I could these days. After racing around trying to find something to put down in the car, we were off to the hospital for what would be the next most arduous 30 hours of my life. Let’s suffice it to say, I felt traumatized. Not only becuase they didn’t have a bed for me for 8 hours, which meant my only option was to hold the wall or walk, but the various nurses who couldn’t decide if I was 9 1/2 cm. dialated or 6. After 29 hours, I was only a 6. Baby high, not engaged, cervix swollen, baby sunnyside up..not good…guess my kid decided she didn’t want her head squeezed, so c-section it was. So all day today, as the clock ticked, I retraced the steps of my first delivery. Let’s just say I have never had a cavity, broken bone, or stitch prior to this major surgery and it scared the shit out of me, enough that I really thought I meant it that I would never have another child..well, I haven’t yet, but I am sure I will. As a side note, I have to travel to local hospitals to complete psychiatric assessments for work, and every time I have to go to that hospital, I still feel anxious. Wonder when that will fade, hopefully by the next birth…so my baby, really it is her day, not mine.

We had a little party at home. My mother in law has been here from MN, my mom was present, my Aunt Sandra, and my friend Holly. We got a very lovely cake, McKenna loved it. She picked up her piece of angel food cake with chocolate and fruit and stuffed it in her mouth like she had been eating for years. Adorable, cake was much better than the Vons one too! She got some lovely clothes, and books and new dishes. Uncle Ryan sent a neat travel high chair that attaches to a table, and some baby sign language, amongst other things. All in all, it was a good day. I think she could get used to parties!

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McKenna’s 1st birthday party…

McKenna had her first party, albeit one week before her actual birthday, as it falls on Labor Day weekend. Having a holiday birthday myself, I know how hard it is to plan a party on a long weekend. So one week early it was! It. was. FABULOUS! We had a great turnout…many of our adult friends and family took time out to come to The Little Gym for some tumbling and cake. My mom’s 4 cousins came, my cousin and her family came, as well as some friends from college, work (past and present) and my mom and sister! McKenna couldn’t walk, so that meant mom had to jump around like a fool, holding her, oh and fall on the deflated air mat thingy, that was cute. But she had an awesome time looking around and crawling and playing with balls (she loves balls) better look out for later, and bubbles. Matt and Maddy joined us for the weekend, which was a super special treat and we just had great company all weekend long. We even took them up to the Yosemite Sugarpine Railroad. McKenna got lots of neat gifts. She got a book all about her name, many clothes and books, some cool skull and crossbones shoes, a Rody (which is a rubber, rocking horse) and a pink, rubber cow (from Matt and Maddy from Kitson). Wow! Who knew McKenna would be so stylish at such a young age, when her parents shop at lame stores? All in all, this birthday will be hard to top!  The theme was poodles, of couse. And as a side note, McKenna blew out her cute outfit just before heading to party, so I had to change her, that sucked. Then on the way, Matt says, “hey, Jeffra, I think you have some shit on your shirt”, yup, shit on the front of my white shirt…nice…that was just before we found out Costco gave away our pizza’s for the party…we were late, to our own party…better luck next year!

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