Posted by: jeffra | August 20, 2010

Absent…but not gone, altogether

Well, I suppose I have been failing at this venture of blogging. It has fallen to the backburner, like many things in my life that I used to balance with ease, before this parenting gig kicked into high gear. Don’t get me wrong, life is full of activities and get-togethers and plans, but that is what gets in the way of the rest…the cleaning, the blogging, the posting pics to flickr and so many other corners of my life. I was looking at my statement on my blog, the one about trying to balance work, home etc…guess this is evidence that the balance hasn’t been very well balanced. I assure you, the important things are getting done. A few updates…

1) McKenna still isn’t talking much and although I know this shouldn’t upset me…some days it does. An article automatically sent to my email telling me the age of my child and all she “should be” doing and saying…and she is not, saying at least. I am not sure if those updates are really a wise thing for moms to get…being blind to what your kid “should” be doing, kinda makes the day go better and lowers the mommy guilt that is always there anyway.

2) My left upper eyelid has been twitching for 3 days now…ALL DAY LONG…kinda like a reminder to me that I am probably just twitching along right now, with all there is to do. I am sure stress and eye allergies have something to do with it…

3) Mark is scrapping the painting he is working on and starting over…the due date is just around the corner. Trick is oil paints don’t dry fast, and he won’t finish in time. So he bought fast-drying oils so he can crank it out fast…I CAN’T BELIEVE HE IS SCRAPPING IT?! It is beautiful and at least 50-75% done..but all the detail work will take time, and it takes about 1 week to dry and with layering paint, it just won’t work. So sad…but he is dedicated and it will be gorgeous in the end!

4) My friend got married last weekend. Mark helped her with some of her art needs. That was great but, one more time-consuming things to do! She married a Morrocan man, who is wonderfully sensitive and has the brightest, sweet spirit about him. He is so warm and loves little kids…he is so ready to be a daddy. They are both believers of the Bahai faith and have a very loving future ahead of them. I am so happy for them both. They met on the internet too!

5) We have been to Hawaii, the Sequoia’s, the central coast and our own inflatable backyard pool, this summer! McKenna swims like a champ, no lie. She even dove off the side of the pool 2x, unprompted(at lessons, not in our inflatable ๐Ÿ™‚ pool). She dives for sticks (can you believe it)? goes on her back on her own, and can swim about 10 feet with one breath. SHE LOVES SWIMMING! She has excelled in gym class this summer, swinging from the bars and doing a forward and log roll on her own. She walks the wide beam with ease, on her own…and with spotting, can do a forward roll on it. What she lacks in speech, she makes up for in her physical adeptness and outgoing nature with the other kids…she likes to hug and sit in random mothers laps…weird, huh? Guess she is like her mom…although I don’t sit in random mothers laps, I am quite social. This makes me smile! We look forward to what the fall brings for her in class.

6) McKenna is a hoot, I love being her mommy and Mark’s wife. That is all…for now…I hope it won’t be another 4 months until you hear from me again! Maybe some pictures next time…Lord knows I have a whole hard drive entitled Summer ’10.



  1. I remember seeing Mck swimming at the Gman’s last September and I was so impressed! I’m sure she’s ready for the Olympics by now.

    I hope life isn’t too stressful for you. Juggling and balancing are tough! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ’bout damn time woman.

    and no, you don’t get a cookie.

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