Posted by: jeffra | April 1, 2010

Busy weekends…

We have been busy as of late. I wanted to devote an entire post to each weekend, however, clearly my energy and time constraints are making that difficult. We are getting further and further away from these events, so I will try to collapse our activities into one post.

A few weeks ago we went to visit our good friends Matt and Maddy, in L.A…you might know them . As usual, Matt is never short on activities for us to fill our days with. We arrived on Friday night and he cooked some meat for us on the grill. It was a little overcooked, ok…burned really, but we ate what we could of it. Saturday we got a late start, since we had been up so late the night before. I kinda regret getting there so late because I might have been able to save Maddy from what would be her fate, Matt cutting her bangs too short. I about gagged and cussed when I saw what he did to her. She was none the wiser and jumped down to play (hit) McKenna. They worked it out and were kissing in no time. We went to Long Beach to the aquarium and saw some fun things, such as fish and tidepools and some funnier things like, Birdemic. The lorikeets decided to feed on Mark’s ear and drew some blood. Funny, Matt never mentioned those birds were mean. It makes sense now that he never got any food for them and just stood back to take pics! I wonder if that is what he does with all of his out of town guests! These pics are from that day…

That night, Mark and Matt went out to a concert which meant that I got to babysit these lovely ladies, which let’s be honest….scared the crap out of me…2 kids under 2…not my idea of a weekend out of town. So I called on my awesome friend, Andrea…you might know her to see if she was free and wanted to hang out and help save me. She did, and it was fun…always fun to see her bright, smiling face. She has a look of wonderment and openness on her face that is so refreshing, especially with all her family has been through over the past 18 months. A good time was had by all, guys and gals, that night. At some point during the weekend, the girls needed to burn off some energy and decided it would be great to make Matt’s house a race track. I have a neat video of that, but for some reason I can’t seem to post it here. It is on my flickr page if you care to see it. The following day we went to Huntington Gardens, a place we have wanted to see for some time. Ever since I saw the many pics of Maddy frolicking in the water, I knew McKenna would love it! So we went…and the water main was broken. So…they splashed in the pots and didn’t seem to notice the difference.

Afterward, we headed to some of the vast, open spaces, so the kids could run, or tackle each other.

Maddy finally felt bad that McKenna couldn’t stay on her feet and did what only friends do for each other…she helped her up!

Yes, Maddy is as sweet as she is beautiful! And check out my little one taking a moment to observe the flowers…

The day wouldn’t have been complete had the girls not given each other their legendary kiss…

It was a fantastic weekend had by all.

The following weekend had nothing important come to mind, other than these great shots of McKenna finger painting for the first time with her daddy. Mark found a recipe online for paints and made is magic (mess) in the kitchen. This was the result!

This was a fun process and we should definitely do it again soon.

The following weekend we took an impromptu visit to the coast, Morro Bay and Los Osos area. This is where I went to high school and my mom and sister still reside there. We plan on relocating here in another 2 years or so. This is McKenna sitting in a tree at a playground in Morro Bay. What a view from the swing. It was a gorgeous day!

And these were around the same time period at home, and I like them…

We have more fun activities to post about and pics to put up from last weekend…but sadly, I have this on my to-do list yet. As you can see, we are busier than I can keep up with on here. I hope you enjoy this snapshot of our lives!



  1. You are so sweet, Jeffra! I’m so glad we had a chance to get together, even if it was brief. Those pictures are awesome!! McKenna and Maddy look like they’ll be the best of buds in years to come! XOXO

  2. That little girl of yours is sure growing up – she’s her father’s daughter – little artist! awesome! I love it –
    She’s gonna need to learn to hold her own with that little Logelin kid though –

  3. I’m way behind on commenting, but I just love those photos. McKenna looks so happy and I love her rosey cheeks!!!

  4. Oh my goodness! Those fingerpainting pictures – Don’t you just want to eat her up?!?!?

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