Posted by: jeffra | February 25, 2010


…is getting my hair done tonight, in peace, because my awesome husband offered to watch McKenna at home (which is really easier on all parties, considering) so that I could really enjoy the process. P.S. my hair looks hot!

Happiness is…the fact that when I got home, my child was fed, bathed, in her pj’s carrying around her blankets and willing to go to bed (no bedtime battles here)!

Happiness is that I am able to write this on the computer while I listen to my happy, albeit nerdy, husband in the background laughing and enjoying his weekly “man date” on the PS3 with his brother and others, while they play video games and *cluck*. This is the term my husband likes to use when I talk to my friends…funny thing is on “man date” night, they do WAY more clucking and laughing than I could ever have time for! I enjoy that he can enjoy and connect with his friends through the t.v. screen and silly blue tooth gadget he wears in his ear, however I keep trying to imagine the men in my parents’ generation doing such things…I Cannot for the life of me picture it…I guess it is a Gen. X thing.

Happiness is that he has his “special” way of connecting, and I have mine (twitter, blogging) and we both respect and support each others interests.

Happiness is, although I dread leaving my child to go to work, I am grateful that I have a job to go to and no fears that my child will go without anything, when so many are, and by no fault of their parents.

Happiness is…today at work, in a field that can be ruthless, can take everything from you and never say “thank you”, a woman who tells me after meeting with her for 90 minutes…”thank you so much, what you said today made the most sense and has been the most helpful tool I can use in all my years of having therapy”. A reminder to always give your best daily, because you never know when that one person is REALLY listening and you just might make a difference in one person’s life!

Happiness is…the fact that I had the right words at the right time to make even a small difference in someone’s life, and hopefully in the life of a special friend of mine that is really getting hit hard right now…I have a special place in my heart for her, and I have only known her for a short time. I hope that what I say to her can be as helpful to her as the words that came to me with the stranger I spoke to today.

Happiness is that I have the tools to help someone and that all my years of schooling and experience actual paid off.

Happiness is the fact that I have this outlet to share my triumphs and tribulations and can rest my head in peace knowing I did my best today! I can hope that tomorrow will bring a grateful stranger my way, while knowing that this is the first “thank you” I have received in a very long time.

Maybe I should have titled this post…grateful…because truly my happiness is tied to gratefulness…one of the pearls I have gained from working with others who have lost so much and have so little.  Imagine what our world would be like if we were all more grateful and less entitled? Might we all have some happiness, somewhere? What are you grateful for, I’m curious…

And with that..I leave you with these recent pics from the park.

Good night!



  1. You are such a good person, Jeffra. XOXO

  2. What a beautiful family!!

  3. i heart you and have found much peace in what you’ve said to me. thanks. (and your words have been bouncing through my head on automatic replay the last couple of days)

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