Posted by: jeffra | February 17, 2010

Weekend with my Valentines…

By the time work let out on Friday, I was ready for a three-day weekend. Truth be told, I am ready for a three-day weekend everyday! Friday night was kicked off with Indian take-out. While waiting for our Chicken Tikka Masala, Aloo Gobi, Paneer Pakora, Shahi Paneer, rice, and garlic naan, McKenna decided to drink off some stranger kid’s capri sun, awesome! This germ thing is gonna kill me. That was ALOT of food, but it was enough that we got 6 meals out of it, matter fact I am finishing off my rice and Aloo Gobi today!

Saturday consisted of Mark and McKenna napping while I cleaned. He said he would help, but alas, it was all me! My mom arrived Saturday night and baby girl was estatic! More people to show off for, awesome! At least it was clean for a minute, ugh!

Sunday was zoo day. She loved the animals and I helped her feed the giraffes. They have very long, sticky tongues. It made me think of the stickiness from the mouths of the creatures in the movie Aliens. Gross, but fun nonetheless. I will have to get some pics up soon. McKenna loved the zoo but we went over naptime, which caused us some grief. That night, Mark and I went and saw Wolfman since gma was babysitting. It was alright. Since when did movie goers decide it is ok to yell out at the screen when they like something.. or yell “f*#k her already” during a love scene?! Where is the class? Mark made us my favorite meal he cooks, filet mignon with goat cheese and balsamic vinagrette with red potatoes! So creamy…what a Valentine’s treat! My mom surely lucked out!

Monday, Mark had to work, but Mom, McKenna and I went shopping. Found some cute yellow converse shoes for baby, as well as some adorable summer outfits. Later, we dropped McKenna off for her nap while we went back out to shop some more. I got a couple cute lightweight sweaters and my mom got some stuff. The weekend went by too fast and I never have enough time to spend with my mom. I love her to death!

To top off the night, McKenna pooped in the tub, which I couldn’t see through the bubbles until towards the end of the bath…after she had been drinking the water and sucking on her washcloth….BLECH! and today, just as I thought, she has diarrhea…poor Mark. Wonder what will be in store for me when I get home…



  1. i love the poop in the tub instances where you don’t realize until after you’ve seem them drink the water. lovely.

  2. L pees in the tub EVERY TIME. It never fails.

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