Posted by: jeffra | February 12, 2010

Stream of consciousness…

I am really looking forward to the weekend. Work has been tough. These budget cuts and all the people in need is beginning to usurp my energy level and exuberance for work. HAHA, who are we kidding, my exuberance ended many years ago. Truly, everyone is at the end of their rope, not sure how much help we are really offereing at mental health these days…”Can I get some mental health help, pahleese” I feel like saying. Needless to say, I am looking forward to being out of here for 3 days. I have president’s day off, Mark does not. Video game companies seem to give very minimal holidays off. Like, New years day, 4th of July, Memorial day, 1 day for Thanksgiving and one day for Christmas. Working for the county, I get 13.

So, my mom is coming up on Sat. Maybe Mark and I can go out on a date, that would be awesome, maybe catch a movie, since that is what we miss most having a little one. Sunday, we are taking grandma and McKenna to the Fresno zoo, I wonder if they will  have any Bulldog gang members behind the bars since the jail is full and broke and they had to release them early! LOL! McKenna is at the age where she loves animals and listens to the birds or hawks or something rather large, make love calls to each other. I think she will love it! In between all of these activities, maybe I should clean my toilets or sweep. GAH my house is NOT happy right now.

McKenna has been waking up at 5:30 the last few mornings. That really sucks since I have to be at work at 7 and enjoy sleeping til the last minuted. She wants some milk and a dry diaper and wants to point and talk. “sorry, sista”. She seems to go back down pretty easily, but has been starting her day earlier, like at 8. Mark hates that. Here’s to hoping she sleeps in this weekend!

My dogs need to be groomed. They need their rabies shots and I need to pick up a 6-n-1 shot to give them. It is cheaper when I give it. It always falls to the bottom of my list. Oh, and I will be getting my rear end up into the attic to replace our filter this weekend too. Who needs a reminder sticker when I have my allergies? And WHO decided it was a good idea for humans to crawl into the attic to replace something every 3 months, idiots! You should have seen me do it pregnant, not pretty.

I have been having a hankering to try to make some fish. This is big for me. I am not much of a fish eater, the smell makes me barf. But I found some good recipes on the Food Network that I printed. I might try one this weekend. We will see if I can get past the smell. My mom will hate me and leave prematurely, I am sure of that. Maybe I won’t make fish.

That’s about all I have. Hope everyone has a wonderful retail holiday on Sunday. Remember to love all your peeps, spouses, parents, kids and a little chocolate never hurt!



  1. I have decided that it is too hard to have both parents work, and try to raise kids and maintain a household. It just isn’t do-able. Particularly when, like us, you have NO other help, no backup, no nothin’. It simply cannot be done.

    I’m thinking of trying to put a book together on this topic, so that at least people don’t feel bad about it when they find they can’t do it all…

    Yeah, I’ll get around to that after I take the van in for service/call the plumber/turn in Ev’s school registration for the Fall… yada yada yada… 😉

    • I’ll read it, if you write it! Maybe it will help me the next time I jump on this train!

  2. I love Kate’s idea!! I feel bad about not doing anything 100% every day!

    Also, I hate fish, but I have found that salmon and talapia are not too “fishy”.

    • for me, salmon is way to strong! Haven’t tried talapia yet, but sea bass, snapper and swordfish are yummy! I can’t do anything 75% lately!

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