Posted by: jeffra | February 6, 2010

17 months…

Today you are 17 months. I cannot believe it has been 17 months since you came into our lives and brought us more happiness than we could ever have imagined! 17 months since my round belly was aching and my water broke as I awakened and rolled out of bed. 17 months of being a mommy…I love you so much, McKenna, you make me whole! I love being your mommy! You can do so many things now. Some of the newer things you can do are:

1) walk on your tip toes

2) jump

3)spin…on command, I might add

4) recently started sleeping through the night…Most awesome skill yet!

5) blow bubbles in the tub

6) grew in all your teeth, minus your second set of molars

7) hug the dogs and pet them without tormenting them and ripping their hair out

8) say “Par, Par” for Park, your favorite place to be!

9) color with a crayon or pen

10) eat less messily with a spoon (most gets in your mouth)

11) Scream with excitement, turn your hands upside down like “I can’t believe it” and dance and spin on the floor when either mom or dad come home and see you! Such a gift to us both!

We love you so much McKenna, you have no idea! Thank you for being our biggest blessing ever! Happy 17 months, baby girl!

Love Forever,




  1. awwwwwwwwwww, this is such a sweet post. yep, time for another one!! 🙂

  2. SO sweet!

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