Posted by: jeffra | February 4, 2010

A thumb and some blood…

Well, we survived McKenna’s first blood incident, not her first injury, mind you…but her first blood incident. We still don’t know what really happened, but we have surmised that she slit her right thumb on the hall mirror which is on the back of a door. I could be sharp if you rubbed it the right (or in this case) the wrong way. When it happened I was standing across from her in the kitchen, making her last sippy of milk before bed. I was feeling accomplished and slighly organized. Kid bathed, med given, jammies check. Only thing left was milk and teeth brushed. She just sat there whimpering on the floor. I looked up and saw blood like war paint, all over her face, blood on her outfit and smeared on the floor. WTF! I was standing right there! As my heart started pounding, I searched her over and found that lone thumb. It kept bleeding, and bleeding. I called for Mark and he got me some papertowels and he worked on locating some bandaids…why do they never know where things are, and yet they have seen them a million times…I digress. Anyhow, as I am waiting for said bandage, my little miss is fighting me and fussing that I have now entrapped her thumb and she cannot move. My kid HATES to be held down or detained in any way. She could have cared less about the blood. Mark on the other hand, was turning everything off ready to head off to the hospital. I, trying not to overreact and remember to remain rationally focused, attempted to look at it. This has never bothered me before and I now realize another way that having a child has changed me. After initial inspection (limited since my kid won’t hold still) I felt that it wasn’t that deep and wouldn’t need a stitch since the skin was touching and not pulled apart. In hindsight, I still feel that was a fair assessment but for a different reason. I was a lifeguard for many years and saw many injuries and felt confident that if it was bandaged overnight it would close and begin healing. That was with the premise that it would STAY bandaged. Thank God it wasn’t her thumbsucking thumb, or this would be a different post entirely! McKenna had other ideas about this plan. Long story short, she ripped countless bandages off, varying from band aids to gauze with very sticky medical tape. She used her teeth, she used her other hand, whatever it took, she did not like being restricted. 2 things that were really great during this process are 1) finding bandaids in the crib with blood all over the sheets and dried to my kid’s face/lips while sleeping 2) watching my child actually chew on and rip the skin on her injured thumb, thus making her slice a tear…awesome! WHO does this, may I ask? Doesn’t a 17 month old realize that shit hurts? Mark and I became super neurotic about that thumb and keeping a bandage on it, we should take out stock in the company we went through so many. I began to worry if it would ever heal so we took  her in the pediatrician, who may as well double as a grandfather with as many times as we have visited him this winter. He states “ah, you again”. Not a good way to feel like an accomplished parent, I assure you. The conversation went something like this “what has McKenna been up to lately”, me: “oh you know, slicing her thumb on who knows what” him: “mmmmhhhmmmm, mmmmhhhmmm”, as he inspects it, then “well, it could have used a stitch that first night, but what you did was fine too, hopefully it won’t get infected since she is still on her antibiotics”, me: “well that is good, I am glad they came in handy and we are getting our money’s worth for dual uses”. “So what do we do to keep an injury like this bandaged when our child gnaws like a rat”? him: “well, try to keep it wrapped up over the wrist and tape it” me: “and when she eats the tape” him: “she is very resourceful, I’m not sure”. GAH…Tell me something I don’t know. The good news in handling her finger at home is that had we gone into the ER, he said they would have confined her on a papoose board to stitch it! OMG, that would have never worked with this little wiggler and she and I would have been traumatized for years to come. Even though I addressed her cut at home for the reason that I thought it was less deep than it was, I unknowingly made the best choice for all involved to avoid Mr. Papoose! Let’s hope he heals quickly, cuz she needs a bath!



  1. Poor little Miss M and her thumb I am not a fan of bloody body parts. Maybe it would have been best to put on a band aid, and them some winter gloves! Oh wait, you don’t need those out there! Well I’ll be happy to share mine!

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