Posted by: jeffra | January 21, 2010

Promised pics…

Christmas pics first…

I made the light ball…

Our visit to the snow up next…

perfect features..

our crazy friend who could have killed himself at this height (Pic is misleading) all to fix a light…

My old man thinking he is a kid again back in MN. He caught some fierce air, don’t ya think?

If you are weak at heart, skip the next pic. I am weird, that is why I add this touch of my personality to my blog. I found this next tidbit in the snow very interesting…don’t you? I had never seen this occurrence before so I had to capture it, in all it’s glory…

Moving right along..

Next up…boat pics of the “Dutch Treat” donated to the LLF. It went up on auction today…can’t wait to hear what it went for!

Notice how enthusiastic McKenna is above…

That one is just because she is adorable!

Post-Christmas with my sister and mom!

Early December with friends, Matt and Maddy and Tricia, Joe and Bella…

McKenna and BFF, Bella

Last but not least are some pics from Heather Spohr’s baby shower

and the beautiful table decorations…

Whew, that was alot of work…hope you enjoy these…be back soon! You can always look at my flickr link for more pics



  1. love, love, love the red tutu.

    love, love, love her yawn face on the boat.

    don’t love the poo picture but it looks like my yard. there’s frozen poo all over my yard!

  2. I admit, I found your blog after you posted a comment on mine and I didn’t recognize your name. I’m nosey. I just read your latest post and looked at the pictures. Where on EARTH did you get that wienermobile? I cannot tell you how much I want one. By far the coolest ride-on toy I have ever seen.

    • Hi there, glad you dropped by! I don’t remember how I found your blog originally, but I have come by for awhile now. I find you very interesting and strong. A difference in perspective always keeps my mind engaged, too! My friend, Matt Logelin, you may have heard of him. He has a blog and he started a foundation for widow/widowers. He had an auction in MN that we went to and he auctioned the wienermobile off. I wrote about it in a post somewhere, but the gist is that my husband accidently, on purpose bid for it. The real wienermobile came to Matt’s house and McKenna seemed to like the peddlecar that his daughter had, so I guess my hubs wanted it for her. Let me say it takes up ALOT of space, and she can’t even reach the peddles. It was probably more for him than her! I’m not sure if you can buy them, maybe through Oscar Meyer website. It’s reported value was $350. kinda steep, but for a good cause, we bought it. Oscar Meyer donated it to matt’s auction. Pretty cool, huh! Let me know if you end up getting one!

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