Posted by: jeffra | January 15, 2010

Feeling Crummy

Yup, still working on those pics…but wanted to come here and complain about being sick. Being a fortunate asthmatic, EVERY illness I get, goes straight to the lungs. I can feel it crawl down my throat and settle in like a long winter’s nap. What ensues for the next 2 weeks, on average, is a deep, barking “seal like” cough that burns to no end and is accompanied by a moderate case of phlegm, which typically is difficult to dispel. Usually sounds pretty gross too. It sucks, to say the least. My asthma worsens, sleep is difficult, and I sometimes think…someday my lungs might fail me. I might be the old lady who gets pneumonia and never makes it through the winter, if how my lungs handle the average virus is any indication. Hopefully, someday Asthma will be cured, in the meantime, I am sorry for everyone who must listen to me! Hopefully, nobody else will get sick, namely miss McKenna since she is still on antibiotics for an ear infection that all started back on Dec. 12. Please….



  1. you sound miserable. yuck. i really hope you feel better soon. get some rest, if you can. thinking of you ….

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