Posted by: jeffra | January 14, 2010

Free Afternoon

I am getting off early today to watch miss mck so that hubby can go to his ortho appointment. Today they will be doing some xrays and measurements to see how much progress he has made! His teeth are looking great and it has only been 10 months, not even half way through the expected treatment time. So, I have been contemplating how I will use my afternoon. The house is a disaster and really should be cleaned. It is doubtful that McKenna will let me clean, so maybe we will go to the park and enjoy our time together! Mark made a slow-cooked roast last night, so dinner will be easy to whip together. Good thing, since it seems I might be getting a cold. My throat is sore and my asthma is worse, which are usually indicators to me. Mark will be exhausted, as he stayed up all night working night before last so we probably won’t get our pics up for another day or so…just being away from work will be a nice free afternoon, no matter what we end up doing!


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