Posted by: jeffra | December 25, 2009

Visit with Santa…and other bits

"Really, I am done"!

“Terror in Wonderland”

Christmas eve has found us, as I sit at work waiting for an impending walk in to decide that TODAY, Christmas eve, is the day to be in a mental health crisis and need an assessment…will I be ready to give all that I need to give to this person in crisis, on Christmas eve? Yes. Yes, because I have gifts to wrap, stockings to fill, cooking to complete, a church service to find for tonight, a husband who got 2 hours of sleep last night because he stayed up working so we can do family things lately? No, none of these reasons are why I still have the strength to listen to another person whose life has fallen apart either from drugs, this economy, a lost loved one or chronic mental illness. I am able to rise to the occasion because of all of MY blessings, that continual remind me of how fortunate I am during this season of my life. I have health, a good family, a loving, wise, patient, UBER talented artist husband..see here… and a beautiful little girl who is the apple of my eye! I also have met some of the most fantastic people  this year, in the most unsuspecting way…through blogging and playdates and my desire to reach outside of my box to find new friends and a larger purpose in my life…WOW did I get that…and perspective. I have met some awesome friends, who even through their grief, matt, sarah, heather, and andrea, have extended love and friendship to me. I have been enriched and driven to find numerous ways to give back and support my new friends and their efforts to better the lives of others. Recently, I decided to donate my coveted jet ski boat to in which 70% of the sale of my boat will go directly to this foundation It would have been great to sell it and get something back for my efforts I have put into that fast, adrenaline-pumping joy that was my post-graduate school gift to myself all those years ago, but alas, the efforts to sell it are more than we are prepared for and little ms. McKenna needs that area to play come spring. The only acceptable alternative in my mind, was to donate it with the profits going to a cause near and dear to me. So as of next week, it will be hauled away with all the planned day trips and memories that would have been for our family taken along with it…I will make sure to get a pick of McK in it though before then. So anyone considering donating a car, boat or RV should check out this site, since you can have your donation go to any charity you want and the LLF is listed now! What’s even better is the tax write off once your vehicle sells! On a different note, it is amazing how good it feels to completely give something away, I have felt this way before but on a different level. Never knowing recipients of the giving gesture. Now that I know people directly benefitted, it is really good for my soul. I made some barrettes recently for a friend’s little girl..   just because it is something I know how to do and hoped it would bring a smile to her face during this trying time for her…what I didn’t expect was how much love and happiness it would bring inside of me to hear how much she appreciated them…such a small gesture and so much good out of it..the true meaning of the season! So with that…please have a wonderful holiday with your families and enjoy this hilarious picture of my kid with santa! Before finding her way to his lap, she was smiling and happy when he waved at her…(sorry the pics are at the top. I don’t know how to put them down here and I don’t have the hubs around for help) Blogging newbie….enjoy!



  1. you know i love ya girlie. thanks for walking with us all this crazy journey. you certainly have chosen a befuddled group of people to help but it’s so, so appreciated. not many people “get” what we’re going through unless they’re going through it too but it doesn’t stop you from trying and bringing smiles along the way. I truly am grateful for your friendship and the strange way through which I have found it. Peace in your heart and many hugs.

  2. btw, the pics of Mckenna with Santa are absolutely priceless. I would expect nothing less from a daughter of your’s 😉 Poor little lamb looks traumatized.

  3. These pictures are PRICELESS!! They made me tummy shake-closed eyes-laugh out loud!

    How great of you to donate your coveted jet ski boat for such a great cause! Matt and his posse are doing great things!

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