Posted by: jeffra | December 3, 2009

Thanks Giving…

Thanksgiving came and went fast this year. We barely put out a decoration. It was intimate, just Mark, McKenna, my mom and I and oodles of poodles between us! It was so low key we didn’t even cook, which was a first for all of us…and I may never cook again! Boston Market was the ticket, and not only was the clean up better, the food was too! We spent the day hanging out, resting, and took baby to her favorite “par, par”! which is “Park, Park”. We even got some gorgeous shots.

Funny thing about these blogs, I find myself almost irritated when the rest of you don’t post regularly, as I am curious about any updates, and yet I seriously lag about updating mine, maybe it’s because I don’t feel confident about this process for me or how to navigate this thing, it is still all so new to me. Oh funny story, Mark slep til 1045 am on Thanksgiving, so it was my mom and I who took it upon ourselves to “babysit”, uhhmm, “Parent” my child that morning. I swear it was only 1 minute she was out of our sight and I hear her drop the toilet lid and scream. Of course, I run in there and her little finger is stuck, so I pull it out…no need to look in the toilet.  Well, that was not to my advantage, as Mr. Rose later went in there to use it and found a little presento in the toilet…

…he says “Jeffra, there is something in the toilet that is disconcerting to me” What the “eff” does that mean…”you need to go look”, HAHAHA, “oh that, how did that get in there”? You would have thought I left her in there for an hour, unattended, which seems to be Mr. Rose’s concern whenever I “watch” said child. Why does this always happen on my watch, yo! She had apparently thrown a spoon, paper plate and bowl in the toilet, on top of what was NOT lemonade, who’s lemonade it was, I will never tell! So, he took a picture of it, evidence, I suppose to show my awesome parenting style…flush the toilet a few times kid, and you got the dishes DONE! sweet! kidding..but back to the title of my post…with all of the loss this year for those who are my blog friends and those who I am fortunate to spend time with IRL I am reminded that life is short and ever so precious and through their losses I have been able to appreciate much more fully my blessings and happiness that those I love MOST are relatively healthy and still here on earth to love me in return! These are the gifts that these friends give me, daily…I only wish I could somehow gift them with the return of their loved ones. It is precarious sometimes, feeling uncomfortable that I have a husband and a healthy child in the face of those I care about so much who no longer have part of their family. I wonder what they think and if they are irritated by our different life courses…All I can do is continue to love them all, they have become integral parts of my day and life, in such a short time, I might add, and hope that they see how much I hurt for them and hope that through our friendship, a small bit of the load is lightened, that is my Thanks Giving, I give to them in return…it just isn’t enough I’m afraid…

This reminds me daily of the next holiday I’m looking forward to. . .

Merry Christmas 2009!



  1. hey sweetness …thank you for the love and support. it truly does help.

    on a lighter note, i want those christmas tree lights that reflect off the walls! where can a girl get some???

  2. You are more than welcome…those lights are LED lights, you can get most places but I got Phillips brand at Target..they come in different shapes, I got the little minis but they sure are bright, kinda spendy though, but worth it, I think!

    Thanks for checking out my blog, means a ton!

  3. I love the thanksgiving you had, so relaxing!!! And the toilet antics are just the beginning..

    • It was relaxing, I hope Christmas follows suit! So you coming to Fresno for work, or what? I can show you that cool lemonade toilet trick!! Not looking forward to what she has in store next!

      • No idea on the work schedule yet, I hope so though! I have to say you can show me the trick but I am not fishing out the toys in the toilet!!!

  4. That tree ROCKS! really, just the regular LED lights do that?
    I’m gonna get me some!! (for next year cuz you know, I’m all prepared and set for this year!! WHAT?)
    thankful, thankful…I am so thankful to have met you and your beautiful family. Getting to know Matt has forever changed my life, and he has brought together friendships that I know will last a lifetime…

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