Posted by: jeffra | October 8, 2009

LLF Gala Awesomeness…

So last I was here, we were getting ready to head to MN for the liz logelin foundation walk and gala events. They were both all I expected them to be, Awesome! The walk was fun, I have to say I only walked part of it and then came back to socialize, and win a raffle prize…but the people who were there, cream of the crop. I was elated to meet Lauren, Emily, Melissa, Darcie, Nancy and so many others…super neat people, I only wish we lived closer! Much money was raised and to top it off, the humidity didn’t kill me, an extra plus.

The Gala, now that was a night to remember, for a LONG time! Top notch, that Logelin, he knows how to throw a party and a classy one at that, WHO KNEW!?! From the highly organized auction items to the linens, cakes and flowers, it felt like a prom, if only Matt’s date had been there. It was bittersweet knowing Liz and Matt had been married only 4 years ago at that very location, in a room similar to the one we were in. She would be so honored. The buzz and mood in the room was palpable. Everyone wanted to do what they could do support this foundation. Money was raised that was unbelievable, especially considering our economic crisis in America. Can I just say, I have never felt so good spending that much money, oh yeah…and to walk away with a weeniemobile was icing on the cake, at least for my husband…it went something like this..

Let me set the scene for you…I was outside on the patio with screaming, angry, sweaty baby wanting to show her new half-ass walking ability…Mark was inside engaging in the “live auction” part of the evening…prior to taking my turn outside he said..”I’m just going to have some fun trying it out, you know, raise my number to increase the bid”

So, I am outside hearing something that sounded like “homminahomminahommina” SOLD….to Mark in California for $450.00….knowing my husband was the only Mark from California there, I shot my head up and twisted my neck around to find him in the crowd…WTF, I thought he was gonna just raise the bid not MAKE THE BID…he has always been slow to respond and probably didn’t realize he lifted his number a “little too late”. So I go in search of him, half mad, half not…it’s for a good cause right? But a $45o.00 weeniemobile, for our DAUGHTER, really?? Well, Maddy has one, so I guess we cool. She will either be the coolest girl in the neighboorhood “check out my weenie” or hated by all the vegetarians in the neighborhood who are disgusted with us and in turn, our sweet child. When I finally ran into my husband he had a look on his face I will NEVER forget…a totally forced, fake, open-mouthed smile like “I got it can you believe it” along with “shit, I totally didn’t mean to do that and are you pissed”? He won’t admit it but I know he was surprised by my response when all I said is “cool, how we gettin it home”? Of course it was the one thing Matt shipped to MN thinking someone there would end up with the delishes dog, but alas, Matt will have to ship it back to Cali. That’s the least he could do since we took that giant piece of plastic off his hands for $450.00 I still can’t believe it..can we consider it McKenna’s Christmas gift…who pays that? All I can say is she better love that weenie and ride the hell out of it.

The biggest highlight of the night was seeing Mark’s painting getting auctioned off…it went for $2100 to a family member of Liz’s. They plan on passing it around the family to enjoy. What an honor to have others love his hard work as much as we do…the print of the painting went for $260 to Matt’s mom, Sara. We love her! It was fun to watch my husband beam! The barrettes I made were won by a sweet pregnant woman, recently widowed who is due to have her daughter any day. Weird thing is, I read her blog and it wasn’t until I was home and caught up with my reading that I learned she was not only at the auction but got my barrettes! I was so elated…I had hoped they would go to someone special! I can’t think of anyone better. Needless to say this event was heart-warming through and through and it ranks as one of the top experiences of my lifetime!

The remainder of our trip we spent visiting Mark’s family, traveling to the Nelson Cheese Factory in Wisconsin, eating at BW3’s and visiting my father n law’s gravesite. Mark painstakingly designed the headstone for his parents and it was awesome to see it in person! What a touching artisitic legacy…so nice to see it when it wasn’t snowing. All in all, we had a whirlwind trip full of fun and feeling…wouldn’t want it any other way!

Cheers to the next trip!



  1. The next trip can’t come fast enough for me!!!

  2. you certainly are one sweet lady and one of my very favorite blog friends! much luv to you and your family 🙂

  3. ::cry:: you mentioned me in this post! I am so honored! And happy you finally shared your blog with us!!
    The LLF weekend was a whirlwind of crazy excitement…I will never forget when I was LOOKING at the Disneyland package and little did I know it was seconds to closing time and you were BOUND and DETERMINED to get that prize! I wouldn’t DARE bid on that…if only I’d of been after that weinermobile!

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