Posted by: jeffra | September 16, 2009

Upcoming events…

I am excited to say that my family will be one of the many supporting Matt and Maddy this weekend at the Liz Logelin Foundation events that are scheduled. Can I say it again, EXCITED! Not only because I get to go somewhere, or take a much needed vacay from my ever stressful, never enough staff or resources, county job that is Crisis Mental Health…but also because it is for Matt and Maddy and for LIZ and all the other families who have had what I think is the most unsurmountable loss I can think of for a spouse and parent, the loss of “their other”. Not only will we be hanging with our good friends, but my husband is from MN, as well. We will extend our stay and visit family and see landmarks that this Cali girl is not much interested in when we are there in the winter. My awesome cousin will be at our house to “keep an eye on things” which makes me feel good knowing our house is being cared for, I’m a little paranoid, my MN husband has slowly made me this way.

We will not only attend these events, but have pulled together our crafty skills to give what I think are some pretty awesome donations. I made some adorable barrettes with crystals on them and my sister made a gorgeous necklace/earrings set.

But the real reason I am excited is the painting that my husband completed as a donation for the event…it has been kept under wraps, so hopefully I won’t blow it by mentioning this prematurely…but really, nobody reads my crap so, really I feel safe at this point. And to justify my eagerness, Matt never said I couldn’t mention anything. IT IS AWESOME!! It is a robot painting, of course. The big, infamous, red robot is Matt, and he is large and walking through the tall builidings in NY, with spotlights flashing on him and then there is the smaller, pink robot with the big blue eyes, riding on his shoulder…that’s all I should say…There are so many other “special” details about this painting, that are specific to references Matt has made in his blog…this is truly a GIFT of love.. My sweet husband, has worked tirelessly on this painting, on top of his full time job working remotely from home, while caring for our daughter…Can you get a better husband than that? This gal doesn’t think so…and he donated a motorcycle print he did too. What a relief to get it all off in the mail yesterday and out of our hair for the auction on Sunday. TOO awesome…We just had to be there, to see how much it garners for the foundation. I will be beaming with pride and satisfaction when I watch the happiness on my husband’s face. And really, isn’t that was this is all about…Love, family, supporting our loved ones, remembering those we have lost but that continue to mean so much to us…and GIVING of ourselves and our talents to help others. So inspiring…what a gift Matt has given us! I.Can’t.Wait! Now, we just need to get McKenna through the flight!!! Can’t wait to report on how this all goes!


P.S. Don’t forget to walk and check out the online auction!



  1. Yay, your blog!

    There’s a lot of writing on this page. I wish I knew how to read.

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