Posted by: jeffra | September 14, 2009

Real Birthday #1

September 5, one year ago. Although this is published late, it is an account of where I was in my mind on this day. All day today, and yesterday really, becuase that is really when it all started. September 4, my water broke, in bed, after sleeping what would be my last LONG slumber…12 hours. It was FANTASTIC…I miss sleeping like that. Hell, I would take 5 hours, if I could these days. After racing around trying to find something to put down in the car, we were off to the hospital for what would be the next most arduous 30 hours of my life. Let’s suffice it to say, I felt traumatized. Not only becuase they didn’t have a bed for me for 8 hours, which meant my only option was to hold the wall or walk, but the various nurses who couldn’t decide if I was 9 1/2 cm. dialated or 6. After 29 hours, I was only a 6. Baby high, not engaged, cervix swollen, baby sunnyside up..not good…guess my kid decided she didn’t want her head squeezed, so c-section it was. So all day today, as the clock ticked, I retraced the steps of my first delivery. Let’s just say I have never had a cavity, broken bone, or stitch prior to this major surgery and it scared the shit out of me, enough that I really thought I meant it that I would never have another child..well, I haven’t yet, but I am sure I will. As a side note, I have to travel to local hospitals to complete psychiatric assessments for work, and every time I have to go to that hospital, I still feel anxious. Wonder when that will fade, hopefully by the next birth…so my baby, really it is her day, not mine.

We had a little party at home. My mother in law has been here from MN, my mom was present, my Aunt Sandra, and my friend Holly. We got a very lovely cake, McKenna loved it. She picked up her piece of angel food cake with chocolate and fruit and stuffed it in her mouth like she had been eating for years. Adorable, cake was much better than the Vons one too! She got some lovely clothes, and books and new dishes. Uncle Ryan sent a neat travel high chair that attaches to a table, and some baby sign language, amongst other things. All in all, it was a good day. I think she could get used to parties!


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