Posted by: jeffra | September 2, 2009

McKenna’s 1st birthday party…

McKenna had her first party, albeit one week before her actual birthday, as it falls on Labor Day weekend. Having a holiday birthday myself, I know how hard it is to plan a party on a long weekend. So one week early it was! It. was. FABULOUS! We had a great turnout…many of our adult friends and family took time out to come to The Little Gym for some tumbling and cake. My mom’s 4 cousins came, my cousin and her family came, as well as some friends from college, work (past and present) and my mom and sister! McKenna couldn’t walk, so that meant mom had to jump around like a fool, holding her, oh and fall on the deflated air mat thingy, that was cute. But she had an awesome time looking around and crawling and playing with balls (she loves balls) better look out for later, and bubbles. Matt and Maddy joined us for the weekend, which was a super special treat and we just had great company all weekend long. We even took them up to the Yosemite Sugarpine Railroad. McKenna got lots of neat gifts. She got a book all about her name, many clothes and books, some cool skull and crossbones shoes, a Rody (which is a rubber, rocking horse) and a pink, rubber cow (from Matt and Maddy from Kitson). Wow! Who knew McKenna would be so stylish at such a young age, when her parents shop at lame stores? All in all, this birthday will be hard to top!  The theme was poodles, of couse. And as a side note, McKenna blew out her cute outfit just before heading to party, so I had to change her, that sucked. Then on the way, Matt says, “hey, Jeffra, I think you have some shit on your shirt”, yup, shit on the front of my white shirt…nice…that was just before we found out Costco gave away our pizza’s for the party…we were late, to our own party…better luck next year!



  1. Hey, I just saw your message on my blog. We should totally meet up. I usually take Oliver to the Oso De Oro park(not sure if you know where that is). How fun that Matt and Maddy were here! You can email me if you would like.

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