Posted by: jeffra | July 9, 2009

My Birthday

This was my first birthday with McKenna. It was so much fun, we went to the coast and saw my mom and sister…we went swimming in Joan’s pool and got to show off baby girl’s swimming skills. She got her first real sunburn, I felt horrible. We drove around until I could find some aloe to put on her. Guess we put her sunscreen on too close to swimming, she didn’t seem nearly as bothered as we were by it. We went shopping downtown and got gifts for a dinner we are going to this weekend in L.A. Liz wrapped them beautifully from her store, Papyrus. We got to watch the SLO Criterion bike race in downtown. This was unexpected but really fun to watch. Avila beach was great, McKenna loved the waves and wind but didn’t like wet sand, she kept retracting her legs and wouldn’t put her feet down. The middle of the night, Mexican food looked iffy at best and later was confirmed to be not, not I was on the toilet throughout the night! Nothing says happy birthday better than fire butt all night!! Good times!! Guess Mark made the wise choice to get a sandwich at AmPm. I got some cookbooks, hhhmmm, don’t cook these days and hubby got me a FANTASTIC Nikon D90 camera, lenses, bag, cleaner and all! So awesome, now I can get pics of all of McKenna’s “little bits”! Hubby definitely made up for Mother’s day, in a BIG way…card from him and baby and all…

Firestone grill…awesome food! by the way..all in all, awesome weekend! Having McKenna on my birthday with her cute little 4th outfit, was the best gift yet!!


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