Posted by: jeffra | April 25, 2009

New Friends

I am amazed by this new world I have recently found, internet blogs. WOW! It is unlike any hobby, addiction, or source of support I have ever found. It is a world within a world..and the neat thing about it is how easily one can transform blog friends into friends IRL (in real life). For awhile now, I have been in search of new friends…not that I am abandoning my old friends, but so many of them have moved away or aren’t yet on the same journey of parenthood. I just want to add new friends to the mix…really…you can never have too many…and is hard now…to do the things we used to do now that we have a wee one…most non-parents don’t really want to hang out at my house or maybe at the park…malls, movies, most restaurants…are out of the question..It is different now, what we put our focus on and what consumes our day. Don’t get me wrong, I love my non-parent friends, but there is SOMETIMES a disconnect in what my life consists of now and the new challenges parenting brings. All my non-parent friends…don’t get offended…it isn’t all of you and someday you will know what I mean..unless you have no friends without kids..and then you have been spared…but really…How do you have empathy for the friend who complains about not getting enough sleep because they chose to stay out late and who can’t wait until they get home from work to take a nap? When all you want is ONE night of good sleep in 7 months? and no nap when you get home from work. It is just a different life now. I try to remain empathetic, afterall, I chose to have a baby, and I don’t want to put up barriers in the remaining wonderful friendships that I currently have…but damn…clueless..Guess I probably was too before embarking on this fantastically, tired journey. So anyway…I digress…

The internet…blogs…new friends….

It all started with following matt, liz and madeline and their sad yet inspiring story of love, hope and rebirth…and I was hooked. That led to following other blogs…and getting to meet Matt and Maddy in person…and the many others of bloggers and friends who Matt has captivated…and what do yo know…a whole new network of friends…babies and all…all experiencing what my husband and I go through…instant understanding, empathy and no need to “explain”. The new world of support and friendship that I have found through blogging and that one People magazine article, has made my life so much more exciting…granted…my new friends are still “out of town” got to work on that…but they are still my friends…and really that is all that matters. I love the internet!!! So to all my new friends…matt and maddy and their family….tricia, joe and bella (with the skinny jeans), jayneoni and plum, gina lee, chris and her brood, heather and maddie moo (miss you so much…) to you…I am thankful for our new friendships and hope they last a lifetime!!

Now if I can only convince the non-bloggers in my life of how wonderful it is…I think they look at my like they once did when I said I met the man of my dreams on Eharmony and was flying to Vegas to meet him. That all worked out famously…so have a little faith people…put yourselves out there…try something new and out of your comfort zone..I did and have found a new appreciation for the people in my life and how fortunate I am for the health of my daughter and the companionship and life of my husband…and reaching out in support of others, like mamasphor is sooo fulfilling…I can’t imagine my circle without these people in it…Guess the village just got a little bit larger and closer. And for that…we are all fortunate!


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