Posted by: jeffra | April 19, 2009

Adult life

Last night was really the first night in 7 months that my husband and I really had some ADULT time…weird how your priorities change when you have a wee one at home. Not that we ever really went out before the babe, but it is the fact that we could go out before. It would have been better if I didn’t have to work today, so that was in the back of my mind, keeping me from really tearing it up…oh and the fact that I was the DD for my husband, and I still nurse. Something always holding me back.  All in all, though, 2 glasses of wine later, I was feeling pretty relaxed and like a single (no kid) adult…liberating…or was it? Although I enjoyed my time at the wedding, great company, music, and one on one time with my big man…mommyhood was tugging inside of me…wondering how the grandma’s were doing with the routine, wishing I was home with baby, since I am gone all day at work…feeling like I am gone from her too much and she won’t be a baby for long and I will have somehow missed it…if that is possible. Really, if I am not at work, I am with her…yet it never feels enough…I miss being on maternity leave…where all my time was focused on her and what she needed at THAT moment. So wish I could stay home…maybe with the next baby….maybe…Guess really my favorite Adult time is now…Baby time…priorities, weird how that works!


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