Posted by: jeffra | April 2, 2009


what happened to it…i miss it. So much, I covet it. it has become like a drug..something i can never get enough of, including last night. was the first day i had to call in to work to say i would be a few hours get sleep. not something i am proud of…not something i would have ever done before said baby was born. something i would likely have turned my nose up at to another new mother..oh how i have grown. i am so glad that my coworkers are more forgiving than i might have been. what a waste of time off to use it to sleep…what a different perspective i have now. i can’t think of using it for anything better. sad…this new focus…but without it..i can’t function..i get headaches and i can’t be what my family needs…which leads me to…why do some people need so much more sleep than others..i why did i ever take my 10-12 hours of sleep for granted? my mom says…you will “get by” your body adjusts…well i keep waiting. i have been back at work now for 2 months…hoping said baby will begin to sleep better. it seems to be getting worse. last night, she awoke 4 times, 3 of those times were every 45 minutes…why…i don’t think she is always hungry…milestones i guess. she is getting stuck on her belly now and can’t get back over..but not the case last night. i can’t figure it out..i am too tired to figure it out. all i know is i am grateful for the extra winks i got this morning…funny, she slept 4 hours this morning…sigh….



  1. So you are telling me that us childless people would turn up our nose?! I enjoy my sleep way to much to give you a hard time for that!

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