Posted by: jeffra | April 2, 2009

IT happened…

Finally…i had hoped it wouldn’t…but it did…and really i have been waiting….for her to BITE me…when it happened i wasn’t looking at her or really paying attention, until the pain seared through me and then there was no doubt…”AAAAHHHHH” I yelled and looked at her. She kinda did a double take at me and sat intently…then that mischevious look in her eye and she let go..only for that big smile to sneak across her face, mouth open! Not fazed at all…not upset by my loud reaction…only to nurse again. Oh how hesitant i was to let her nurse again after that. This is the ONLY time that i have in the slightest considered drying up instantly and giving formula….but then…how could i deny my sweet baby…but if she bites me again….


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