Posted by: jeffra | April 1, 2009

As good a day as any…

to begin this journey…online.

So, my husband, sweet sweet husband, Mark.

Gentle giant that he is…loving husband, dedicated father…what a day he had. One that might as well have been the focus of a comedy.

A little background for you…I work at the local crisis mental health unit, my husband, takes care of our almost 7 month old while attempting to work at the same time. He does a FANTASTIC job…can’t say that I could balance both with as much ease and grace as he is able. I get to take over for him with the childcare so he can finish whatever didn’t get accomplished in his full day. Anyway…to the point

Today, a day like any other, only it wasn’t.

Today, McKenna decided to take a shit unlike any shit ever before. Picture this…

Mark, attempting to get his day started, watching sweet baby swing in her chair, when he hears the rumbling, that is never a good sign. He picks her up, only to find that there is crap up the back of her onesie. Mark, the wonderful dad that he is…takes her into the nursery and begins to strip her. Crap up her back, on the table, on his hand…

The doorbell rings…A/C guy “here to fix your air problem”. Shit on his hand, on the half-dressed baby, on the the table..”where to put the baby” while he opens the door. So…thoughtful man that he is…”I’ll put her in the nice clean crib so I can smear shit more places for jeffra to clean when she gets home”. Baby in the crib, A/C man outside. Upon returning, Mark witnesses the squirminess that I have been telling him about, circling the crib, rolling and turning. Shit everywhere, baby smiling. Can you picture it? Total scene from a movie. I happen to call home to hear about our dying A/C to hear a “slightly” frazzled daddy say “let me tell you about the morning I had”. What a doozie it was too…but totally worth it…we get a new A/C at the cost of some warranty insurance. Fantastic…maybe I will be able to bear another summer in the San Joaquin valley….oh…and by the way…he left me all the dirty laundry from the day’s event…I’ll take it!


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